When Do Colorado Drivers Have to Install IIDs in Their Vehicles?

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Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) are essentially chemical breath test units that people install in their personal vehicles. In Colorado, those convicted of certain alcohol-based driving offenses may have to install IIDs.

Installing an IID comes with expenses, including installation costs and maintenance fees. The installation of an IID also creates inconvenience because the person has to perform a test every time they drive and may also need to make appointments for the maintenance and calibration of the testing unit.

When might you find yourself required to install an IID to legally drive in Colorado?

Many IID Installations Are Voluntary

After an alcohol-related criminal offense, the suspension or revocation of your license is a common consequence. A driver might find themselves unable to legally operate a vehicle for two years or longer. Not only could that be frustrating, but it could also be expensive. Paying for rideshare services whenever you need to get somewhere quickly might cost hundreds of dollars a month.

You may be able to obtain a restricted license that allows you to drive with an IID in your vehicle. If the offense was your first impaired driving charge, you might be eligible to install an IID after the first month of license suspension. Repeat offenders may have to wait longer to request a restricted license and may have to keep an IID in their vehicle for longer than others.

Those who refuse chemical testing during a traffic stop have an automatic requirement to install an IID in their vehicle after their license suspension. They may also be eligible to request a restricted license instead of serving the full suspension, possibly doubling how long the IID remains in their vehicle.

An IID Helps Set You up For Future Success

Installing an IID will let you regain driving privileges. Being able to drive yourself might be the difference between losing your job or not.

Having an IID will also help reinforce better driving habits, as you know you will have to test yourself every time you get in the vehicle. By the time the state removes the restrictions on your license and the IID from your vehicle, you may already have established better habits regarding your behavior before going for a drive.

Learning more about impaired driving charges and the consequences they carry can help you navigate the criminal courts.