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Mr. Leier is an outstanding attorney. I felt he fought for me and the outcome could not have been better. He cared and kept in touch. Mr. Leier was always quick to return my messages and made sure I understood everything that was happening or that could happen. Wonderful experience.

Attempted Murder Case

Kent is not only a great attorney, but he delivers an outstanding level of personal interest. He was efficient, quick and made everything on my end easy. He kept in great communication through every step of the legal process and delivered an equal level of service. I would not only highly recommend him, but also will use him if anything comes up in the future. He is very experienced and navigates through the legal process with extreme professionalism and was able to get my alleged charges dismissed as well.

Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence Case

I actually found Mr. Leier on a Google search for lawyers in Larimer County. I read all the reviews on him and I decided to contact him. I had an older case that needed sealing in order for me to apply for a career change. Mr. Leier took no time in getting the process started and continually stayed on top of it and kept me informed every step of the way. I want to thank him again for a great service. Highly recommend him to handle your legal needs. First time in my life I had to actually retain an attorney and I am proud to say that I made a great choice.

Sealing Of Record Case

Kent is very friendly and professional. He took the time to truly focus on my needs as a client! He is very good about staying in contact and being organized. It was an excellent experience!

Harassment Domestic Violence Case

I highly recommend Kent Leier. He is very professional and a straight shooter, qualities that are needed in a defense attorney when being faced with the serious felony charges that I was. I retained Kent Leier in an effort to strengthen my defense and fight the charges that I was being falsely accused of. Upon meeting Kent for the first time, I knew that he would be a great resource and a much-needed asset to my team. His expertise and experience as a former district attorney provided my defense with a unique and much-needed perspective. Specific to my case, Kent was responsible for initiating and communicating with a private investigator. He also worked with a wireless company in an effort to strengthen a certain aspect of my defense. His expertise helped tremendously. You can count on Kent‘s exceptional communication and his proactive nature in getting things done in a prompt and reliable manner. Much because of Kent, my case was dismissed, and I was acquitted of all charges.

Forgery Case

I find reviews to generally be offered when things don’t go well. Not here. I was very pleased with the advice offered by Kent; he was very responsive to all my questions and offered answers to questions over and above my expectations! I hopefully don’t need further legal assistance, but would not hesitate to hire Kent again or recommend him to others.

MIP Case

Attorney Leier is a fantastic lawyer! He is diligent, determined and will bend over backward to ensure that you, as a client, are at ease with your case. I asked for Mr. Leier‘s help and he worked around the clock to grant me the justice that I deserved. Mr. Leier undoubtedly strives for the very best. He is loyal, kind hearted and will do whatever it takes to seek justice. He is a wonderful attorney who not only knows the intricacies of the legal system inside and out, but also loves his work. I would recommend Mr. Leier to anyone and everyone.

Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence Case

Kent was very easy to work with. Kept me informed and constant communication about my case. I would highly recommend Kent for any legal needs!

DUI Case

I recently was charged with a DUR (driving under restraint), which if you look up the possible consequences was pretty terrifying. After reading about a dozen glowing reviews, I immediately made a free appointment with Kent to discuss my options and he completely put my mind at ease. After he took on my case and he told me what I had to do to better my chances of a good outcome. If you decide to go with Kent, do whatever he tells you as quickly as possible, because it will more than likely work out in your favor. Throughout the entire process he kept me up to date on the progress of my case and answered every email I sent him very promptly. I have had the misfortune of needing two different lawyers in the past and neither of them compared to Kent. I can’t express enough how helpful he was, and after all the stress he managed to get my case dismissed completely! If I am going to be perfectly honest I was shocked when he told me! I never expected him to help me as much as he did and for that I will always be grateful. If you are in need of a lawyer, Kent is definitely your man.

Driving Under Restraint Case

I would, without hesitation, recommend Kent Leier and The Leier Law Office, LLC, to anyone in need of legal representation. I hired Kent after being charged with a DUI and three other offenses. The DUI was reduced to a lesser offense and the other charges dropped altogether. Kent was extremely helpful throughout this very stressful situation and was never even the slightest bit judgmental.

Kent‘s familiarity with folks (clerks, prosecutors, DAs, judges) throughout the process was genuine and settling. You won’t regret choosing The Leier Law Office, LLC.

DUI Case

Kent Leier represented my case with the utmost professionalism and always kept me informed on the proceedings within the court. Overall I would highly recommend this lawyer not only for his legal abilities but also his attentiveness and attitude outside the courtroom.

DUI Case

Kent was very easy to confide in and I felt very comfortable with him working on my case. He was very clear on my charges and consequences and what he could do for me. Whenever I had any questions he was very quick to respond and was very pleasant no matter how silly my questions were. He was also great about keeping me informed on my case, and called me within several hours of his attendance to my court date. I would highly recommend him for any kind of case.

Underage Possession Of Marijuana Case

Kent is amazing. Professional and knowledgeable. He kept us updated through the whole process. Kent kept it honest and straightforward. Never made any promises he couldn’t keep. If you want someone who knows what he is doing, who is trust worthily, reliable and who can help you find light in the darkest times, this is the person you want. He will do everything he can to get you the best outcome.

Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence Case

Kent is a first-rate defense attorney. His knowledge of statute and procedure is extensive. He is approachable, attentive to detail, highly thorough and timely in his responses to his clients. He did an outstanding job keeping me updated with changes in my case. He is most accessible regarding questions and concerns as they arose. He will follow through to the end protecting your rights and interests. Five stars for Kent J. Leier.

DUI Case

Kent is fantastic about staying in contact! Was easy to get an appointment with, kept me informed about my case and made the process very easy for me. I have hired other attorneys in the past and Kent is by far the best I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Kent, he went above and beyond what I expected him to do! Thank you!!

Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence Case

Kent is a very competent and compassionate attorney who worked very quickly to settle my case. In my opinion, he worked a little magic to get charges reduced. Highly recommend him.

Obtaining Prescription Drugs By Fraud/Deceit Case

I strongly recommend Kent for representation; his experience alone makes him an excellent attorney. In addition to his experience, Kent is personable, honest, fair and determined to work very hard to get the best outcome possible. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the right representation for you. However, I would personally place Kent Leier in the 1 in a million category of attorneys. I will be working with him again in the future if necessary.

Traffic Violation Case

I had a very favorable experience with Kent Leier and the Leier Law Office, LLC. He provided a clear consultation, which gave me the options before hiring. He proceeded with my case in a promptly manner. He communicated the progress of my case. The end result was entirely in my favor. I would highly recommend Kent Leier to future clients.

DUI Case

There are no words to describe how amazing Mr. Leier is. He was very helpful and thoughtful and made sure that I always understood everything. He was passionate about helping me and making the best outcome for me and my family. I cannot express how much I am pleased with the way he handled my case. He is an amazing attorney and person. He went above and beyond my expectations.

Attempted Murder Case

I highly recommend Kent Leier without doubt. He was able to explain my options about my case in a very professional way and easy for me to understand. My case was dismissed even before it went to trial. I was relieved and very happy with the outcome.

Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence Case

Kent is a wonderful attorney and a great person; incredibly intelligent, friendly; hardworking. He got my case dismissed! I highly recommend Kent Leier; there was no hassle at all and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

Cultivation Of Marijuana Case

Kent is personable, very competent and thorough. He met with us to discuss evidence and strategy. He worked with the DA to explain the unusual circumstances of our case, and presented the evidence in court in a way that achieved the best outcome we could have asked for.

DUI Case

Under Kent‘s guidance, my case was resolved quickly, with results exceeding my expectations. Kent was working on several other cases, but always made himself available and responded to messages quickly. I couldn’t be happier with Kent‘s handling of my case.

Harassment/Domestic Violence Case

Kent is an excellent lawyer who will fight extremely hard for your rights.

Providing Alcohol To A Minor Case

I am truly thankful for Kent. He is so knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest and straightforward. He helped us in the most difficult time in our lives and without judgment. He was always reliable and was always honest. His was a very scary time for us and we were so unsure of what was going to happen, but Kent was always there in our corner and answered all our questions and tried his best to make us feel at ease. If you ever find yourself in a place where you need someone in your corner, Kent is the one. There is no one I would trust more to lead me, protect me and always be honest with me. Kent is that person.

Felony Menacing Case

Kent Leier is a very knowledgeable, experienced and responsive attorney. Kent always took the time to respond and answer all of my questions from the very beginning of my arrest until the disposition of my case. With Kent‘s help, I was able to get the most favorable outcome of my case, given the circumstances. I highly recommend Kent to anyone in the Fort Collins/Larimer County area in need of a criminal defense attorney.

DUI Case

With so many lawyers out there to choose from, it can become a stress trying to find the perfect fit for your situation. If you are looking for someone who will advise you, represent you, fight for you and support you… Kent Leier is your guy. I first found Kent by doing some online research, called him to explain my situation and set up an appointment for my free initial consultation the next day. During our first meet, I explained my story and charges I was facing. After Kent listened to all my concerns, disclosed all my options and gave me meaningful perspectives, I decided to retain him on the spot. Kent provided me a flat fee from day one and I never had any surprise charges arise. He educated me about the laws and facts of my legal position, advised me of what to expect, prepared and filed all necessary court papers and even drafted a motion for me to leave the state when I needed to travel. Kent always maintained communication with me. He was available 24/7 with updates on the status of the case and responded immediately to all my calls and emails. I also had a terrified mother living out of state that Kent always put to ease and made both of us feel like we were his number one priority. As an officer of the court, Kent was always diligent working with the district attorney, was always prepared and ethically and actively defended me against the charges I faced. As a result, he was able to get all the charges against me dismissed. I truly feel like I received the best representation available. Without Kent‘s hard work, I could be sitting in jail right now. Kent‘s knowledge of the law, ways of negotiating, ethics and experience made all the difference in the impact of future. I can’t thank him enough!

Assault/Violation Of A Protection Order/Domestic Violence Case

Kent did an awesome job with my case and kept me very well-informed the whole time; he fought for the best outcome that I could have asked for. Very easy to work with and keeps you calm and confident about your situation. My case was concerning a wrongful DUI (drugs and alcohol) charge on the morning of 4/20 plus a 4-point speeding ticket. Contacted multiple lawyers prior to speaking with Kent and he was the only one I felt who was giving it to me straight up with the information he had about my case while waiting for more evidence to come through, other lawyers I contacted made me feel like they were just telling me what I wanted to hear. I was facing 16 points against my license and he got it settled down to only a 4-point careless driving plea deal with no probation, alcohol classes or UAs. Paid the $300 something fine and I was done that day. If I ever have any more legal trouble in Northern Colorado I will be sure to contact Kent Leier about it immediately and will recommend Kent strongly to any of my friends with legal trouble in the area as well. Very satisfied!!! Thank you again Kent!!

DUI Case

When one of my children needed legal representation in a different city than my own, I did some searching on the web. I needed someone with local expertise, experience, availability and affordability. I first spoke to Kent on the phone about looming deadlines and the challenge of travel time. I was completely inexperienced about legal procedures, so he talked me through the whole process. Our first free consultation visit was very informative and calm, and we decided to retain him as our attorney. He handled all the filings and hearings for us until the day of court. He was able to collaborate with the DA on a plea deal that would be most favorable to my child’s future. The court experience was exactly as he had explained to us. Because Kent knew ahead of time what the conditions of probation would most likely be, my child was able to get a head start on getting many of them going or even finished before meeting with a probation officer. Kent was never judgmental and treated us respectfully. In a situation where a young adult finds himself in trouble and loses sight of a promising future, Kent emphasized that it was a bump in the road, not a roadblock. That allowed my child to remain calm, graduate on time and get a professional license.

DUI Case

Kent was outstanding. To elaborate he was professional and very personable. Kent helped us navigate through a difficult legal process, kept us informed, answered the phone whenever we called or called back very soon after. We did not know what to expect needing a lawyer for one of our kids who made a bad decision but after all is said and done we would not have wanted anyone else representing our child. Kent‘s communication skills were excellent, straight shooter, listened to all of our input and concerns. Even now that our case is closed he still takes our calls and has helped us with follow-on advice and counsel, which we find amazing. You can’t go wrong with Kent!!!

Felony Drug Possession Case

A great lawyer willing to go the distance to help you. I strongly recommend Mr. Leier, one of the best.

Obstructing/Resisting Arrest Case

Kent is not only very experienced but also very professional. He was able to help my legal situation more than I could have ever imagined. I would recommend using him 10 times out of 10!

Felony Menacing Case

Mr. Leier guided me in the most professional and caring manner. Securing a victory far beyond what I thought was possible. From start to finish he remained confident and I trust him completely. He’s honest and doesn’t feed anyone anything but the truth. During every step of the legal process he made sure I understood what was going on, the motivations of every side and the multiple approaches that could be taken to resolve the issue. I would highly recommend his services!

Indecent Exposure Case

He is one of THE best lawyers you can have. He always kept me informed with everything that was going on. I never doubted the choices he gave to me, because of how informative he was with me. If you are looking for an outstanding lawyer go for this guy he will get you what you need or fight trying. I can personally say that he got me exactly what I needed for my DUI case and let me say those cases are not easy… AT ALL!!!! I will always recommend him to friends and family as long as he stays in this practice.

DUI Case

Never needing an attorney, it was daunting to try to find one. I was sent to Kent Leier and was very comfortable from the onset. He is a kind, honest man, and he is very good at what he does. He is upfront and asks all the right questions. He made me feel very safe and comfortable in a very unsettling and frustrating situation. His prices are more than fair. I couldn’t recommend a better attorney!

Theft Case

I interviewed several lawyers and liked Kent the most. He used to be a DA so he knew about everything from both sides. He got me a great deal and I’m pretty sure his DA experience was the key for him being so successful working with me. Nice and professional, always got back to me and kept me in the loop. I felt like he cared about me and my case. Seems to take his job very seriously.

DUI Case

Kent handled my case and was a great communicator of all proceedings and explained my options in detail well. I would use his services again if needed.

Obstructing/Resisting Arrest Case

Mr. Leier was very knowledgeable about every aspect of my case. One of the primary facts that helped in my decision to hire Mr. Leier was that he is a former DA and he knows both sides of the law, and knows what is fair to each case. Mr. Leier was very professional during the entire process and I would highly recommend his services to any person from a basic traffic case to criminal charges. Thank you Mr. Leier for all you did for me!

DUI Case

You will receive professional, concise and timely advice from Mr. Leier.

Reckless Endangerment/Reckless Driving Case

I found Mr. Leier to be very trustworthy and straightforward. He was clear about what he could and could not do for me. I was very unfamiliar with the legal system and Kent helped me navigate through it with confidence. Kent has a lot of experience and seems well-connected with other lawyers in the area. I felt very comfortable with him and he did great work for me.

DUI Case

Very personable, professional and proactive. Impressed!

Harassment/Domestic Violence Case

Kent handled a family law and criminal case for me simultaneously. Upon first meeting him he gave me straightforward answers and did not promise things he could not achieve, all while also putting me at ease about my impending cases. He is a very compassionate attorney who is available for questions any time, any day. The outcomes of both my cases were better than expected and I believe that is all in thanks to Kent.

DUI And Child Custody Case

Was referred to Kent through my employer. I had a small criminal matter involving a juvenile who was already in drug court/SB94 for something bigger and I wanted a different lawyer to handle the new matter. Kent came in and did a great job. He set a flat fee that was reasonable, worked more hours that I expect he planned to coordinating with the other lawyer and meeting with members of our family who wanted to vent. During this all, he was very approachable and patient. He kept me informed of what was going on and listened to my feelings about how to resolve the case while also giving me good advice on why to do or not do certain things. I felt he worked well with the drug court folks — being polite but persistent. I think he also helped move the other more serious case forward simply by being part of the conversations with the other lawyer on the matter (court appointed but good as well). In the end, Kent got the small matter dismissed as it should have been but would never have been without his help. I am a lawyer myself and work in-house so I have dealt with many lawyers in my time. I found Kent to be a really nice guy and a very good lawyer. Unlike some lawyers I have worked with, Kent will not over sell your case to you or what he can do for you, he won’t BS you generally about how great he is or what a jerk the other side is, and his manner is respectful at all times to all parties so his personality does not get in the way of the case and a successful resolution. If you have not hired a lawyer before, don’t be mislead by blowhards who promise the sun and the moon and charge an arm and a leg. You want a good lawyer like Kent who will give you an honest assessment of your case, listen to your concerns, thoughts and goals for the matter to help arrive at an objective and strategy that works for you and is reasonably achievable, will charge you a fair price and just get the job done.

Harassment Case

Mr. Leier represented my case with confidence and intelligence. He had a great communication style and was very compassionate. He has many years’ experience in the field and I’d recommend him to anyone.

DUI Case