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Suppose you are facing charges of identity theft. In that case, it is important to understand the seriousness of the crime — and to have an experienced advocate on your side who is committed to protecting your rights.

The Leier Law Office, LLC, was founded by Kent J. Leier, a former deputy district attorney. Using the insights of a prosecutor, Mr. Leier now provides skilled theft defense representation to clients in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and throughout Northern Colorado.

Many of our clients are first-time offenders. We often represent young people who made mistakes that they thought would be harmless. Whether they used someone else’s name, Social Security number, or credit card information, they now find themselves facing felony charges.

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Our firm does not look at you as a criminal charge. We look at you as a person, and we do not believe that your mistakes define you. By getting to know our clients as individuals, we show the prosecutors that they are not hardened criminals — they are regular people who made mistakes. Using this approach, our firm has had great success in helping clients minimize the damages of identity theft charges.

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To schedule your free initial consultation with a respected fraud defense lawyer, please call or contact us online. In the event that you cannot meet during regular business hours, we are willing to set up evening or weekend appointments by special request. Our firm accepts credit cards and provides Spanish translation services when needed.