Ridesharing Could Help You Avoid a DUI

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When you go out with friends to a club or restaurant, bar or other location, you may decide to have a few drinks. This isn’t usually an issue, because you tend to have a designated driver with you. If you don’t though, you could make the decision to get behind the wheel and go home even when you may be too impaired to do so safely.

With around 25% of all traffic-related deaths linked to alcohol impairment, it’s important to reconsider driving when you’re intoxicated. On top of putting yourself and any passengers at risk of injury and death, you’re also threatening the lives of others on the road. You could also be at risk of being stopped by a police officer and facing a DUI.

If You Have Been Drinking, Look Into Alternative Options to Get Home

Any time you’ve been drinking, it’s smart to look into alternative options for getting back to your home or hotel. One of the primary options is to call a cab or to use a ridesharing service to travel to your next destination.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, ridesharing has helped decrease alcohol-related fatalities in the U.S. by around 6.1%, so taking a rideshare home is beneficial.

Other options for getting home safely may include:

  • Calling a taxi

  • Calling a friend or family member to pick you up

  • Asking the bartender or other staff member to get you a ride home

If you cannot get home, there may be additional options such as:

  • Walking to a nearby hotel, friend or family member’s home to spend the night

  • Sleeping where you are

  • Waiting until you are no longer impaired before deciding to drive

With over 10,000 Americans dying annually because of drunk drivers, it’s smart to take any steps you can to avoid driving while you’re impaired. If you decide to drive anyway and get pulled over, you could face serious penalties.

If you’re charged with drunk driving, remember that you have a right to a defense. A good defense can help you avoid harsh penalties such as jail time and a driver’s license revocation.