Do People Make False Domestic Violence Allegations?

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If you’ve been accused of domestic violence and you know that you didn’t do anything wrong, you’re probably fairly frustrated and confused. How could this be happening to you? Why would someone make up allegations?

Child Custody and Divorce Proceedings

Unfortunately, false domestic violence allegations are very common in child custody and divorce proceedings.

The basic reason for this is simply that the person making those allegations thinks that it will help them get more parenting time. They know that modern courts are more likely to give out shared custody unless they think the child is in some sort of danger. If they can accuse you of domestic violence, then they establish that the child would be in danger living with you and they may get sole custody or increased parenting time.

False accusations of domestic violence in a child custody/divorce proceeding is an easy way to get an early upper hand and sway the opinion of family, friends, and judges. This can lead to unjust rulings and detrimental effects on children.

False accusations can also lead to unjust convictions, jail time, loss of gun rights, and a lifetime of consequences due to a permanent conviction on your record.

What Are Your Options?

It can be frightening to find yourself in this situation. You don’t want your whole life to change just because your former partner is trying to manipulate the judicial system. Make sure you are well aware of all of your criminal defense options at a time like this.