Obstructing a Peace Officer
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Charged With Obstructing A Peace Officer?

A night out can quickly go from festive to disastrous when you are charged with obstructing a peace officer. To fight these charges, it is essential to work with a lawyer who is committed to defending your rights.

At The Leier Law Office, LLC, our founding attorney is a former deputy district attorney who knows how the system works. We are passionate about keeping police in check and ensuring that they do not abuse their authority. From our offices in Fort Collins, we provide criminal defense representation to clients throughout Northern Colorado.

Don’t Let One Mistake Become a Permanent Scar on Your Record

Because Fort Collins has a thriving bar scene and a high concentration of college students, many of our clients charged with this particular offense are young people. Any behavior that interferes with an officer’s ability to do his or her job can get you arrested for obstructing a peace officer. Such conduct may include inserting yourself into an active investigation that you do not have an interest in, excessive arguing about an officer’s actions, or refusing to vacate an area.

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If you are convicted of these charges, the consequences are significant. You may spend up 120 days in jail. In addition, college students may face further consequences from their schools. To make sure this event does not become a permanent scar on your record, it is critical to enlist the help of an experienced attorney. We have an excellent track record when dealing with this type of case, and we will do everything in our power to do the same for you. See our Case Results page to learn more.

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