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Dealing With Driving Under Restraint And Habitual Traffic Offender Charges

If you have been arrested for driving when your driver’s license has been revoked, or you are in danger of being prosecuted as a habitual traffic offender — commonly referred to as driving after revocation prohibited — we urge you to consult The Leier Law Office, LLC, today.

Serving as a deputy district attorney for nearly six years before establishing The Leier Law Office, LLC, Kent has handled thousands of traffic offense cases. His insight and experience can help you understand the challenges you are up against as well as how to overcome them.

When Your Driver’s License Is On The Line, Call Lawyer Kent J. Leier

There are numerous reasons why people continue to drive after they have lost their license or haven’t addressed their traffic violations. Mr. Leier recognizes the importance of a driver’s license when it comes to getting to work or providing transportation for your family. Regrettably, driving without a license or not paying your fines in Colorado can result in serious legal penalties, including a loss of your driving privileges as well as jail time.

When you consult The Leier Law Office, LLC, Mr. Leier can help answer your questions and thoroughly address your concerns, including:

  • What happens if I get pulled over without a driver’s license?
  • What happens if I never paid my traffic fines?
  • Do I have to go to jail?
  • How long will I be in jail?
  • Can I get my driver’s license back? How long will it take?
  • Can I get a temporary driver’s license?

The penalties you face depend on the offense you are up against. If you have accumulated enough violations to be designated a habitual traffic offender, you may be facing a conviction that carries a mandatory jail sentence and five-year revocation of your driver’s license.

We Know You Need To Be Able To Drive, And We’ll Fight For You

Fort Collins lawyer Kent J. Leier is committed to aggressively defending clients at Department of Motor Vehicles hearings. He understands that when living in Northern Colorado having a valid driver’s license is of utmost importance.

We invite you to contact The Leier Law Office, LLC, at 970-682-3487 to schedule a free initial consultation. In addition to regular office hours, evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Mr. Leier is available by phone 24 hours a day. Spanish interpretation and translation services are available upon request.

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